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Link Built in cutting board Link workstation and built-in cutting board installation
Patent pending retrofit design

Installs during or after the undermount sink installation

The Link Built-in Cutting Board and Workstation is installed with an undermount sink during the sink installation process or added to an existing kitchen with an undermount sink already in place.

Ask your desinger, builder, or countertop fabricator about our free template and installation instructions.



Adds a gourmet workstation next to undermount sinks.

Works with and expands current workstation sinks.

Uses workstation sink attachments.

Works with standard cookware and accessories.

Sink is not blocked when using.

Luxury cutting board stores in place.

Reduces damage to knives and countertops.

Laser engraving is available to personalize boards.

Removes for easy clean up.

Patent Pending Features:

Locking mounts lock board in place, providing a stable prep area for even the largest projects.

A built-in cushion of air ventilates the underside of the board, preventing bacteria growth and wood deterioration.

Retro mount installs during or after sink installation so it can be installed in existing kitchens.

Overhand design for easy food collection.

Fluid drain routes liquid naturally into the sink.

Elevated design keeps knife handle elevated to protect the hand when cutting.

Lifetime stainless steel mount.

Interchangeable boards. Use different boards for different foods to avoid cross-contamination.

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